Scientific Writing Tips: General Tips to Keep in Mind while Writing a Research Proposal

Writer: Nishat Raihana

Instagram: @_nishaattt_


1. Know your audience

Before drafting a research proposal, you should keep in mind who exactly will be reading your paper.

-For example, if grant review boards are reading your proposal, you need to make sure that the purpose of your proposal clearly stands out so that grant review boards are interested.

-Moreover, brevity in your writing is extremely important as grant review boards read over hundreds of proposals, meaning they may not take too kindly over an extremely long research proposal

2. Hook your audience

-As mentioned previously, grant review boards go over hundreds of research proposals, meaning you will need to take extra steps in order to make your proposal stand out. Make sure your proposal is well-presented and written in clear language so that review boards do not find it too difficult to understand your writing.

-Your first sentence and paragraph of your proposal should excite the readers and grab their attention from the very beginning!

3. Show that your solution is achievable

- Grant review boards are more likely to award you the grants if your research is clearly explained and significant to the overall field of study your research is focused on.

-These review boards want to know that their money will be used to further scientific research in a valuable way, so make sure to convey this in your proposal.

-You need to show that you are competent enough to conduct the research. This may be through highlighting your research plan and methodology in a clear and concise way, or by showing how passionate and enthusiastic you are about your research study.

4. Edit your proposal

-Please make sure that you do not submit your first draft of your research proposal, as it is highly likely that there may be grammatical errors and other mistakes you may not have noticed while writing your paper.

-It’s great to ask your peers to edit your paper, as they may spot errors in your paper that you did not initially see.

-It’s important to make sure your research proposal is grammatically correct and does not contain any errors because it indicates to grant review boards and any other readers your professionalism and intellect.

-Grammarly is a great writing tool when it comes to editing your paper!

-Make sure to use APA citations and paraphrases whenever possible to avoid any risk of plagiarism, because it can get you in serious trouble if you were ever caught plagiarising, even if done so accidentally.