Proposal Requirement 6 Example: Migraines

Writer: Aditi Bang

Instagram: @aditib06


Anticipation of Obstacles

Migraines affect one billion people globally, including 35 million Americans. Only 5% of 35 million Americans have received proper diagnosis and treatment. My proposed solution targets lifestyle management and triggers patterns through a migraine tracking watch. This watch is mostly based on how a person tracks their own progress. For example, a migraineur has to list their stress triggers so the watch can suggest mediation and exercises. However, a person could easily forget to input their progress which would lead to different results. This watch is beneficial in tracking heart rate, sleep patterns, and much more! The migraineur receives constant alerts from the watch about taking their medications. It is the migraineur’s responsibility to check off what medicines they used each day. If they fail to do so or input the incorrect data, this can mislead the physician in the treatment plan and prevention strategies.

Another essential function of this watch is its capability of keeping track of a women’s menstrual cycle. It is very common for women to experience migraines near their period so the watch can follow the pattern and alert the patient when it is near to the date. If the patient did not list when she got her period in the previous month, the watch will have difficulties in reminding her. The watch also records diet to search for any food triggers, but the patient needs to input all food eaten each day so the watch can help guide the patient. The watch depends on the migraineur for some essential data that differs from person to person so it is the individual’s responsibility to track certain lifestyle aspects. This can guide the patient and physician about different triggers.

The watch does an exceptional job of tracking a migraineur’s patterns to better equip their lifestyle. It is extremely crucial for the migraineur to fill data regularly so this helps the physician treat their migraine. My proposed solution can help millions of people to alter their lifestyle and help them alleviate their difficulties. It is necessary for the migraineur to do their part and implement information as well.


The author did a great job emphasizing how mandatory it is for the patient to their part and input specific data about their migraine’s pattern. She explains the importance of how this helps the watch guides both the patient and physician in migraine treatment. The author could have improved by expanding more on certain drawbacks. However, she highlights many important aspects and describes them fully. She enhanced her writing by giving background information on the watch so the reader will understand the obstacles. Overall, the author outlines the drawbacks and explicates the urgency behind them.