Proposal Requirement 5 Example: Covid-19

Writer: Sonika Tatipalli

Instagram: @sonikatatipalli


Proposed Solution

COVID-19 is an increasingly prevalent disease that has caused the death of over a million patients worldwide. As of mid-november, there are over 50 million cases of this gruesome disease around the world. Spreading rapidly everywhere, the corona virus has caused a global pandemic. Currently, there is no cure to the disease, and a potent vaccine is still in the process of being developed. As stated previously (in prior sections), the main precaution advised to prevent this condition is the usage of a mask or face shield. However, due to various resons, these solutions are not viable in all scenarios.

As an alternative, a new solution is proposed. This would be more beneficial for individuals who cannot wear masks constantly. This solution is a nose and mouth piece that filters out the corona particles. It works as a barrier between the body and the coronavirus particles. Ultimately, this acts in the same way as a mask by preventing the nose or mouth from inhaling particles of COVID-19. The overall difference, however, would be that the ability to inhale and exhale is easier and more convenient for everyone.

The first part of the solution is the piece that fits into the nose. Nasal filters are already a common solution to simple allergies. The nose piece that would be created for prevention of corona would function in a similar fashion. They would fit properly into the nose making it barely visible. The second part of this solution is the mouthpiece. It would also be designed to fit snugly around the mouth. It would be designed to be expandable in a way that allows someone to talk, while using this precautionary equipment.

Both of these pieces would be constructed in the same way, but just shaped differently. My idea is for these pieces to have multiple layers of filters. Including some of the best air filter material, this solution would be effective in preventing corona particles from being inhaled and allowing proper breathing. One major layer of the filter would be what is used in a hepa filter. After many tests, this has found to be effective in various aspects, including proper filtration and safe use very close to the face. Coronavirus particles are found to be around 60-140 nanometers in diameter, which is mostly filtered out by a hepa filter.

One insufficiency of face masks and face shields is that they are not optimal for all situations. This solution overcomes that because it allows for easier breathing. This would greatly help those with certain breathing disorders and athletes who must participate in strenuous activities. Another insufficiency of face masks and face shields is that they are inconvenient to use for everyone. This solution oversomes that insufficiency with the innovative structure. For the nose piece, the filter is not that visible and fits correctly. For the mouthpiece, the filter is expandable allowing for proper communication while still being safe. Unlike the face mask and shield, this filter would not be too excessive and instead, would be a safe and sufficient manner for preventing coronavirus from entering the body.

Overall, this method of precaution has high hopes in supporting the prevention of Covid-19. By including both a mouth and nosepiece, the solution should avert more cases. Additionally, the usage of multiple air filters will provide best filtration while still allowing easy breathing. Since this is also more convenient, it overcomes all the insufficiencies of face masks and face shields which are currently being advocated. In order to prevent this condition from wreaking further havoc, this new precaution, which is both viable and dependable, was proposed.


Overall, this section is well-written. The author gives a well-made brief on the subject at the beginning of the excerpt. This provides good context for the readers to understand the transition between sections. Another high point that is advisable to use that this author displays is a nice organization. The text starts with an intro and includes several connecting paragraphs. The conclusion also sums it up in a solid way, that helps the reader understand the basics of what has been discussed in the prior paragraphs.

One thing the author could have improved on is the sentence structure. The author uses wording that isn’t fully preferable, and could have found better ways to word some specific sections. This is an important thing to improve on because it would make it easier for the readers to perceive the concept and engage them more. Another area the author had space to improve on was to explain the solution more thoroughly. Although it was explained, this essay did not show a complete understanding of the solution for it to fully meet criteria. For example, it is stated how there should be multiple layers in the filter, but they are not expanded on. Since this should be the highlight of the entire essay, it may lose points.

As explained in the website, there are four different categories judging the submission (significance, innovation, feasibility, and approach). Although it is about the entire essay, these categories mainly focus on the solution portion. For the significance section, this essay would score well because the insufficiencies of current solutions and the gravity of the current pandemic are explained well. For innovation, there might not be that high of a score since nasal filters are already a thing, and this simply adds on to that. For feasibility, this solution would gain a good amount of points because although there may be some obstacles, the solution seems simple to implement. Finally, for the approach, it would gain an average number of points because the scientific methodology is explained simply.

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