Proposal Requirement 2 Example: Migraines

Writer: Aditi Bang

Instagram: @aditib06



A migraine is a neurological disease that is accompanied by a throbbing headache and intense symptoms such as sensory disturbances, dizziness, fatigue, and many more. More than 30 million Americans have migraines, but 5% have been diagnosed and taken care of. There are strategies to control the pain; however, there is no cure for migraines. Various methods including over the counter medications or prescribed medicines are effective, but there needs to be a proper way to track the migraine’s triggers.

My proposed solution is simple and efficient: it is a migraine- detecting watch which contains many elements such as a menstrual cycle tracker, food diary, and medicine alerts to pinpoint a migraine’s pattern. The watch can also suggest easy strategies to manage the pain and provide the physician with data about the person’s lifestyle and medications use. My solution could help a migraineur better understand their triggers and how to alleviate the pain.


The writer did a great job of providing a concise but explanatory abstract. She explained all the key points and how her solution will help many people understand their migraines’ triggers much better. She emphasizes the severity of this issue by showcasing that diagnosis is only seen in a small population. She can improve by providing less information on the background of migraines. Overall, she conveys a detailed summary of what a reader can encounter in her proposal!