Proposal Requirement 2 Example: Erdheim-Chester Disease

Writer: Natasha Matta

Instagram: @natashakmatta



Erdheim-Chester disease is a rare form of blood cancer and a histiocytic neoplasm, a condition where white blood cells called histiocytes are overproduced. White blood cells traditionally protect the body against infection and foreign agents, but in histiocytic neoplasm, these cells lead to inflammation that can damage tissues and organs in the body and in severe cases, cause organ failure. People with Erdheim-Chester disease may experience bone pain, headaches, seizures, cognitive impairment, shortness of breath, issues controlling motion, heart or kidney disease, and even infertility. Current treatments include chemotherapy and radiation therapy to destroy rapidly growing histiocytes, surgery to remove masses of histiocytes, drugs to reduce inflammation in the body, and immunotherapy; however, this is there no known cure. New research points to treating patients with high doses of protein interferon-alpha (IFN-a), which activates dendritic cells in the immune system and destroys histiocytes, preventing harmful histiocyte buildups.


The abstract begins by briefly explaining what Erdheim-Chester disease is and what symptoms it presents. It discusses current treatments and their insufficiencies before proposing a more effective potential treatment option: IFN-α. Scientific terminology like histiocytic neoplasm, histiocytes, and interferon-alpha were all defined to make the abstract accessible and easy to understand for readers. The writer employs correct spelling, grammar, and formatting, sticks to the 150 word limit, does not include figures or images in the abstract, and uses reputable sources from medical centers and scientific journals.


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