Proposal Requirement 2 Example: Effects of Humidity on Mg-DODBC in CO2 Capture

Writer: Swasti Singhai

Instagram: @swasti.singhai



A major contributor to climate change, the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere has increased by 43% since the Industrial Revolution. Research has focused on capturing CO2 from large-point sources. Unfortunately, the standard capture technologies have high economic and energy penalties. Comparatively, employed in cyclic processes, emerging supported amine materials are significantly advantageous. One of these materials, metal organic frameworks (MOFs), have high CO2 adsorption capacities due to their high porosity. This study aims to further our understanding of Mg-DODBC, a MOF demonstrated to have the highest CO2 capacity. Because various MOFs have been susceptible to degradation through exposure to humidity and Mg-DODBC has been inadequately researched, this study analyzes how ethylenediamine-Mg-DODBC (functionalized Mg-DODBC) is affected over multiple absorption-desorption cycles. Using multiple trials of steam testing, we will discover if and where humidity affects Mg-DODBC’s CO2 capture and assess whether synthetic modification is necessary to improve it.


This abstract first introduces some background research to lead up to the problem - Mg-DODBC, a specific type of metal organic framework, has demonstrated potential but is inadequately researched. Then, the abstract briefly covers why this must be studied (other MOFs have been shown to have decreased CO2 capacity when exposed to humidity), which alerts readers to the significance of this study. In the end, the abstract explains how they will fill the knowledge gap and the possible next steps. Notice that there are 150 words, no indentations, references, or illustrations in this abstract. Though this abstract summarizes the problem and solution, there could have been clarifications/explanations on some processes mentioned (ex. cyclic processes, steam testing) to make it more easily understandable. Furthermore, this abstract also could have suggested possible implications.